What to do if your child is an introvert?

There is a lot of competition these days and parent these days are much more worried about the happiness and success of their children. They try their best to make their children ready and well adjusted for the future. But at times, kids are not able to communicate their feelings. And parents worry that this will hamper their growth.

Some children don’t socialize and like to be on their own or have very few friends. And if your child likes being alone or doesn’t participate in family and friendly gatherings then he or she is an introvert.

For parents it becomes a matter of concern if their child becomes an introvert. But, as a parent there are some things that you can improve on. It is important to connect with your child. Here are a few steps that you can take to connect and improve your child’s performance.


Acceptance is the first step towards understanding your child, and parents are the most important people in their lives. As a parent make them feel confident, make it clear that you love them no matter what. Teach the same to their siblings. Sometimes one sibling getting more attention than the other becomes a matter of sadness for introvert children. Be fair in your dealings and treat both of them equally.

Appreciate Their Uniqueness

Every child is unique and has their own strengths. Your child may not like socializing but may be a good artist or a writer, or maybe a chess player. Appreciate what they are good at rather than harping on their weaknesses. Support them in what they like to do.


Encourage your children to express them selves through different outlet. While some introvert children already take up some form of hobby on their own, there are children who don’t like doing any such activity. You can get them to be more expressive through writing or art and craft. They may take up some recreational activity as a hobby and turn out to be really good at it. 

Respect their privacy

You might get worried when your child is spending time alone. But it is ok. Let them have some alone time. respect their privacy when they need it or are craving for it. they often need this alone time to process or understand what’s happening around them . Be patient with them and let them have their solitude.

Don’t force them

Parents often end up pushing their children to do things they don’t want to. In case of an introvert child it might just back fire. Don’t be impatient with them. Don’t force them to mingle with people, give them time and space. They will be able to connect with some like minded friends and start making friends slowly.

Teach them to love Themselves

Most important thing is to help them accept and love themselves. Teach them how they are unique and that they should celebrate their uniqueness rather than feeling dejected they should concentrate on the things that they are good at. Try connecting with am and help them be better and love themselves.

Raising a child is difficult but it gets easier when you start connecting with them and understanding them.

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