Spending Quality Time with Kids

Earlier days parents used to actively participate in child activities, but presently parents have no time to spend with their kids because of work pressure parents have to spend extra hours in their offices. They are paying money for day-cares to look after their children, in these situations parents miss out the bonding time with their kids.

Children imitate everything by observing their parents, so by spending quality time with kids will help them to learn various skills such as communication, writing and reading. This quality time will shape-up children’s personality development.

Here are the Ways Parents can Make Time for their Kids:

  • Be Available: Add it as routine on every day to make time for your kids whether it is dinner time or bed time. Help them in their homework and try to tell them bed time stories.
  • Play Together: Children spend most of time with playing mobile games, watching cartoon videos. These activities lead kids to become dumb, lazy and unhealthy. Instead parents have to allot time for their children and together play board games, puzzles, do art and craft activities.
  • Turn off Technology: After office hours, parents shouldn’t watch television, do texting, answer office calls and scroll through social media.
  • Meal Time: Whether it is snack time or dinner time, be with your kid and have a small meal and add little funny conversation.
  • Go for a Walk: Daily go for a walk with your kid to the nearby park, shop or relatives house. It will be a leisurely exercise for your kid.
  • Cook together:  Spend time together in the kitchen and make some snack items whatever your child like to cook. Taste it and give good compliments. These compliments will encourage them to make new innovations.
  • Do crafting: Try something simple like making fairy doors or creating cupcake liner flowers. Kids are natural makers.

Mother, father and family members should spend their individual time with children to strengthen the bond and parents get opportunity to become best friends with their kids.

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