Smart Ways to Improve Children Concentration


Children feel tough when they focus on specific task and on any of their moments, that is quite natural because of their curiosity, exuberance, and energy. However, concentration is important for learning, for preparation and for the completion of any task.

The greatest thing about human brain is to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. Some children are born “stronger” in this area, but most of the children can learn new strategies and engage in practices.

Actually, Children are learning to think and analyze as they see the world around them, and that thing may look ordinary to a parent’s eye but for children its new thing, for that reason children are distracted by every time.

Some ways to teach your children certain habits and rules that might help your children to build their concentration power, while they are doing homework or some specific task.

Here are some of the simplest ways in which to help improve children concentration quickly and easily. Take a look!

1. Breaking Down Goal into Task

The goal itself is a big task. We need an excessive amount of concentration and discipline; therefore it will be a good idea to divide it into the smaller tasks. Keep it in mind that the short-term goals always help for the better concentration and this might be applied to homework, learning new skills.

For e.g. if children need to study a whole chapter and it’s quite difficult for them. You must always help to break it down into pages or even paragraphs so that they feel a way of accomplishment for finishing the small task and this may encourage them to continue on.

2. Minimize Distractions to Get Things Done

Distraction becomes part of human life and there is no way to completely eliminate all of them. Most of the children are getting distracted easily; it is parent’s responsibility to find the reason behind it. Need to keep as possible as distracted free environment, so they can study or carry out their tasks.

For e.g. if children is doing some activity, do not sit nearby them and avoid talking to someone or watching the television while they do something otherwise they are distracted.

3. Physical Exercises and Mental Activities

Both physical and mental exercises plays a vital role to improve the concentration of children. The mental activities involved the board games like chess, monopoly that stimulate and encourages your children to focus and think strategically. It is proven that children who do 30 min of physical exercise (that involves running, swimming, playing tennis and etc.), do well in school and will give more positive results.

4. Limit Use of Electronic Devices

Excessive usage of electronic devices can directly effect to children’s brain. Instead of using electronic devices, go for physical and intellectual activities like doing schoolwork, reading, taking part of outdoor activities and interacting with family and friends.

For e.g. Children who are over 2 years of age should only be allowed to watch TV daily for 2hours, whereas children who are below the age of 2 years shouldn’t watch TV in any respect. It’s suggested that just apply similar rules for children who are older.

5. Playing Concentration Game to Build Attention

Most of the children learn through play, it is always the good way to try and make their activities a little more fun. Parents need to keep away electronic gadgets while children are studying. Children always allow do some attention activities so that these activities help to improve their attention and concentration.

For an e.g. thinking game, just sit game, sequencing, puzzles.

6. Set Time for the Completion of a Goal

Another approach is that to set a time limit for the completion of a particular goal. To set time limit, parents need to keep one thing in mind that the average time for an adult to concentrate is approximately 42 min but for the children it would be much less. Therefore you need to set shorter time limit such as 15 min to 20 min for them.

For e.g. If children is studying parents can set a time limit so that certain number of pages need to be done within twenty minutes.

Conclusion: Improving concentration can be priceless; it can be improved and created automatically. These ways are to be consistent (done in a same way). These six ways help to increase your children concentration because these steps not only help improve concentration but also strengthen the relationship between parents and children.

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