Prepare your Preschooler for the Big School

June is the time when new sessions start. A lot of play school and preschool children move to bigger schools. All this while they have been in a comfortable atmosphere with approximately 20 students and a teacher and a helper in the room. They are used to personal attention and comfortable in a small school atmosphere. Changing to anew school might be a difficult time for them.

Prepare your child

It is a big change for them so prepare them for it. Tell them they are now going to a bigger schools and will meet more kids. They have more friends and activities and also tell them about the new school. Make it a happy experience for them. Tell them the positive aspects of the new school.

Pick and Drop

Most of the parents are working and this may seem like a difficult task for them. But it really helps if you can drop your child to school at least for the first few days. this helps in their transmission and they are a little less anxious when a parent is dropping them to school. Do this for a week or three days. Then use the school transport. Slowly they will start being independent and will transmission into the new school.

Help Them make friends

If you drop your child for the first few days you will also be able to meet parents who come to drop other kids. You can introduce your child to other children and help make friends. This will also give the some comfort as they will be able to relate to other children of their age.

Talk to them

For the first few days make it a point to discuss their day with them. While this is something that should be a regular activity it is more important to discuss in the initial days to gauge, whether they are enjoying school or not.

Set up a routine

Going to a regular school means more time at school and more activities. Set up a routine for your child so they have enough time to study, rest and play. Make sure it is not over exhausting for them. 

Give a Healthy Lunch

Add more nutritional food to their diet so they can eat healthy. Pack an occasional treat so they are happy when they open their lunch boxes, no matter how their day was. Some schools provide lunch, but you can still pack a treat for them.

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