Parenting Tips to Make Babies Read

It is never too early to make your baby read. As soon as your baby is born, he or she starts learning, just by talking, playing and caring every day. You help your baby develop language skills necessary to become a reader. By reading along with your baby, you foster a love of books and reading right from the early age will help the children a lot.

There are the following Tips to Make Baby Read:

1. Choose books baby friendly:
Reading with children is crucial one for their growth. To grab baby’s attention, books should be with high contrast illustrations. Books made of cloth or plastic, board books with study cardboard pages are easy to handle for baby.

2. Add reading as a part of baby routine:
Creating routine with regular and fun activities, it will give baby the ability to think on what will happen next. The ability to predict is important when children become adults.

3. Sing, read and repeat it together:
Read favorite stories every day in whatever language they feel comfort. Sing favorite songs again and again. Repeated reading fun with books, it will build up their language development and positive feelings about reading.

4. How to read to your babies
Give your child time to read the most out of every page of the book. Encourage him/her to look at the pictures, point out objects, repeat words, and talk about the story.

5. Ask questions to your babies
Ask questions like “Who did that?”, “What is she doing?”, “What is that called?” Also, to keep your child involved in the story, do not read straight through.  Ask questions like “Why do you think it happened?” and “What do you think will happen next?”

6. Make books a part of family life:
Always have books around at home. That way you and your children are ready for reading, even if it’s only for ten minutes. Get your child a library card. They will be able to get their hands on hundreds of fantastic books, as well as the latest video games, blue-rays and DVDs. Let them choose what they want to read to help them develop their own interests.

7. Read favorites again and again
Encourage your child to re-read the books and poems they love. Re-reading helps to develop fluency and confidence. Make sure to read with your kids at bedtime. It is a great way to end the day and to spend a valuable time with them. Books and poems with rhymes and repeated words or phrases are great for getting your kids to join in and remember the words. When your child starts bringing books home from school, make her/him read for you. If it doesn’t sound good (mistakes, choppy reading), have her/him read it again. Or read it to her, and then let her try to read it herself/himself.

Above mention tips offer some fun ways to help your child to become a happy and courageous reader. Try a new tip each week and check how it works best for your child.

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