Make your kid ‘GENIUS’


In 21st century surprising fact was discovered about a human brain & its functionalities that a human’s abilities are not fixed at birth. It means that the human does not born with the all capabilities which make him/her to be in a position of what they want to be. It is not all in the genes too. But what makes a human/kid genius is depend on how he/she is being nurtured. The amazing ability of brain is to modify its structures and functionalities according to the changes within a body or due to the external environment. This process is called Neuroplasticity. It is also known as brain plasticity.

The psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Norman Doidge, in his book of ‘The Brain that Changes itself’, presents an introduction to the brilliant scientists advising neuroplasticity and people whose lives they’ve transformed. This book reveals real life stories of stroke patients learning to speak again and the story of woman who born with half brain and restructured itself to work as whole. Reading this book can change our way of thinking about our brains, its nature and its capabilities.

There is no doubt about the genes that we inherit from our parents is finite but brain’s ability to develop is infinite. New brain cells are reborn always and we have to stimulate them to keep them alive and growing. A genius is nothing but a human who has realized his inborn potential. All geniuses’ have started their life exactly the same way but their parents supported the individual gifts and talents. Parents also gave the environment and encouragement which led to optimal development of themselves.

How to help your child to utilize their innate potential?

  • Focus on Discovering and developing your child’s skills.
    Every child is born with three capabilities- the ability to think, to learn and to develop their individual way of thinking and learning.
  • Use their time in an efficient way
    Don’t let them watch unnecessary shows on TV or playing video games. Instead of completely avoiding watching TV, choose the programs they should watch based on their educational, informational and entertainment value. Select the games shows on the internet that add value to their personality.
  • Don’t over protect them.
    Overly protective environment cause lack of brain stimulation and reduce the chances of growth. Let them play outside in the rain and get dirty sometimes. Let them interact with strangers when you are around them.
  • Create some problem-solving opportunities.
    Encourage your child to find solutions to problems faced in their daily life on his/her own. Assist when needed.
  • Don’t let them feel bored.
    If your kid feeling boredom at school or with life in general, find out what is causing boredom. This is clear indication that his/her creativity and thinking ability is not being challenged. Talking to the teacher for giving more creative / brainy exercises at school as well as at home.
  • Take time for them to improve listening skills.
    Provide lots of interesting books to your child. When the child cannot read by themselves, spend your time to tell stories from those books.
  • Allow them to identify the relationships and commonalities between things.
    Riddle, puzzles and brain teasers can help him to think out of the box and it can develop later thinking abilities. Giving more exercises to children so that they will sit in front of puzzle books most of the time can enhance their brain plasticity.
  • Allow them ask questions.
    Children are very curious about knowing new things. They learn everything faster and better asking ‘Why’ questions all the time. If both parents and teachers can give opportunities, it will be helpful for them to develop their natural curiosity and thinking capacity.
  • Keep an eye on school performance.
    Most of the kid’s academic achievements are fulfilled based on parent’s expectations. Communicate your expectations to the kid clearly all the time.
  • Give them good memories.
    Take them to amusement parks, science fairs, exhibitions’ and good movies.
    Teach them positive values such as responsibility, compassion, peace, love, respect, honesty, friendship, helpfulness and care for the weak.
  • Boost their Confidence.
    Give them positive feedback & encourage them. Let them explore the opportunities and do whatever they can do and want to do in their life.
  • Envelope your kids with love and care.
    Make them feel secured and stable during their childhood. Avoid too many job transfers so that he/she will not change the school frequently.

Ultimately, child’s future is decided by parents and their parental style. Parents will have to follow the guidelines above to meet their child’s needs. If you give your child right environment, right stimuli and right guidance, then your kid can become a genius.

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