Leisure Time Activities For Kids

For development of kids, leisure time activities are as important as regular school education. Kids develop their cognitive intelligence through play activities so it essential to empower them in learning skills such as social interaction, leadership, confidence,independence & creativity by organizing different play activities.

Kids are always excited to play anytime, but quality playtime must include creative play, structured activities and independent play.   Kids explore and enjoy different play activities.

Creative Leisure Activities to Enhance a Quality Playtime for a Child:

1. Art and Crafts

Art and crafts is the best play activity to keep a child busy indoors.  Assign specific art work and provide art materials to your child, give them a free hand to draw/create as per his/her wish.

This activity help pre-school kids learn about colors, shapes and drawing whereas school going kids improve artistic qualities. There are different types of art and craft ideas such as creating figures from clay, paper craft & building blocks for kids to choose as per their taste and preference.

Once they are ready to hold a brush in hand, give them water colors & ask them to paint what they want. Allow them to choose from many different activities such as hand drawings, eggshell, tissue art, glitter shapes, paper flowers, feather painting, wax paper art, sponge printing, scribble drawing, finger paint prints, finger puppets, fruit & vegetable printing and much more to improve kid’s imagination and creativity.

2. Coloring Pages

One of the most excited activities for kids is coloring pages. Colors are so captivating; kids are easily attracted to them. Children will be occupied for long time by scribbling with colors or using colors to fill various drawing. Coloring images are available in categories such as cartoons, natural world, simple characters, religious themes animals, alphabets, shapes and more. Coloring pages can be bought from book stores, libraries and internet.

3. Toys and Games

Almost every one of us started playing with a soft toy in our childhood. Select toys for kids as per their age group and gender. Now-a-days toys available in the market come with an age recommendation and the level of maturity needed. Generally girls prefer to play with dolls and boys with action figures. Different categories of toys are electronic toys, classic toys, personalized toys, play sets, alphabet and counting, animal kingdom, kitchen play, games and puzzles.

Video games enhance kid’s decision making skills and concentration. Educational games, strategy games and sports games are some of the popular choices for kids. As video games are gaining popularity these days, it is important to help kids to choose the right video game for them.

To summarize, give your kids a free hand to learn and enjoy in their leisure time by different play activities.

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