Keep Infections Away during Monsoons

Monsoons is time for kids to enjoy make paper boats and have fun. But, a small infection can make things go south for your kids. monsoons bring a lot of microorganisms with them, and these cause many problems like flu, stomach problems and many other viral functions. Parents are worried about children falling sick and missing school, but, some simple steps can help you prevent infections.

Keep your child Hydrated

Be it any season summer or winter it is important for your children to be hydrated. Ensure that your children carry water from home and don’t drink water from any outside place. Drinking water helps remove toxin and also helps in the absorption of minerals and vitamins keeping infections at bay.

Maintaining Hygiene

School going children are more prone to germs and during monsoons this risk increases. Make sure your children wash their hands before eating. Remind them to do so even when in school. Carry a sanitizer whenever outside and attach one to your kid’s school bag and also one in the lunch bag.

Avoid outside food

This is something very basic and most parents know about this. Don’t eat food at open shacks and try not to eat outside food. Avoid junk and fast food. Eat freshly made home food. Make sure your kids carry their own lunch boxes when in school, or going out. Even if you are eating outside make sure it is from a Hygienic place.

Eat Nutritious food

Eat healthy and nutritious food, like fruits and vegetables. Include protein in your diet. Make sure you wash your fruits well before eating. Throw away the fruit if you notice any dark or rottenness. 

Keep yourself warm

Monsoon not only carries germs but also cause temperature fluctuations. Keep your children warm. Dress them in full clothes at all times. This will not only protect them from temperature fluctuations, but also from mosquitoes. 


Prevention is always better. Avoid sharing food and utensils if anyone is sick in the house. This will help avoid the spreading of infection. Cover all open wounds and cuts. Use a band-aid and antiseptic creams to avoid infection.

Sleep Well 

Last but not the least sleep well. A good night’s sleep is important for health and builds your immunity. It also gives your mind and body the much needed rest. Sleep for atleast 6 hours everyday. A fatigued body is more prone to infection. The more rested you are the healthier you are.

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