How to Protect your Child’s Eye?

With the onset of COVID 19 children have had to adapt to the new ways of teaching. They are now using screens more than usual for online classes and other school related worl, and children have become even more tech savvy. From iPads to iPhones they literally know how to use each and everything. While the content of what they are watching and playing is of concern, a bigger concern is their eye health. Specially because almost all gadgets have blue light in them. 

Sources of this harmful blue light are:

  • Fluorescent light
  • CFL (Compound Fluorescent Light) bulbs
  • LED light
  • Flat screen LED televisions
  • Computer monitors, smartphones and tablet screen

While you cannot avoid screen time completely here are some steps to protect your children’s eyes.

Reduce Screen Time

Children these days are almost, always hooked on gadgets. While it is really difficult to keep them off gadgets you should try and limit the time of screen usage. This includes mobiles, laptops, and television. Monitor how much time they are spending online. Introduce books and interactive toys. Switch off the WiFi and disconnect for sometime. You as a parent will also have to reduce your screen time as children follow as an example.

No Staring at the Screen

Make sure kids don’t stare at the screen for long periods. Remind them to blink at regular intervals. This is important because staring the screen for long hours can dry out your eyes. Ensure they blink every few minutes.

Keep Safe Distance

When watching the TV make sure they watch it from the optimum suggested distance. For TV’s it is important to maintain a 20 feet distance from the screen. Make sure the room is well lit so the screen creates less pressure on the eyes. When watching something on the mobile, ideally there should be a minimum 1 feet distance. Keep the mobile screen light low and switch it to yellow light, as the blue light from the screen affects eyes more.

Eat Healthy

A good diet is really important for not just children but elders also to have a good eye sight. Include food like beet root, spinach, carrots and great amount of leafy vegetables for a healthy eye sight. This makes your eye muscles stronger and also prevent eye diseases. Include fruits like papaya, pumpkin, squash, and mangoes as they contain carotene, an antecedent of Vitamin A, which really benefits the eyes. 

Get Blue Light glasses

A lot of companies now sell blue light protection glasses. You can get a pair for your child just to protect their eyes from getting sore while attending online classes. This will ensure the blue light doesn’t affect their eyes and will prevent discomfort.

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