How to inculcate the habit of reading in your child?

Reading is an essential activity that kids these days miss out on. They have so much to do with school, sports and extra curricular activities that they miss out on reading. Reading is an important habit to open your child’s perspective and it also helps academically. Here are some simple steps that can help you encourage your child to read more.

Set an Example

Firs and foremost be an example yourself. Parents these days are hooked to their mobiles and laptops. they even prefer reading books on gadgets. So pick up a book and read in front of your child. Be it a novel, magazine or even a newspaper, sit and read in front of your child.

Start Reading Early

Start reading to your child from an early age. babies respond well to pictures and rhythmic and expressive reading. Make this a part of your daily routine. Reading before bed is a good habit for both you and your child. Your kid will also get into the habit of reading when it is a daily activity. So keep your phone away and pick a book before bed.

Create a Reading Space

You can create a reading space. It doesn’t have to be a big space you can create a small corner with just a reading chair and a small table with a lamp. Or just add a bedside table and keep some books and a lamp on it. So whenever your child goes to bed they can pick a book to read.

Read Everywhere

Reading is not just about sitting with a book. Encourage your child to read road signs, posters, hoardings. When you are creating a grocery shopping list ask them to read them out to you. This will also increase their attentiveness. 

Visit Book Stores or Libraries

Whenever you make weekend plans make plans to visit a book store or a local library. Atleast once a month. Take them to a book store and ask them to surf through the book tittles even if they don’t want o buy them. They just might pick something up to read or at least read the tittles while browsing the book shelf.

Attend Reading Events

If you are not much of a reader it is a good idea to attend reading events. Some events are specially organized for kids. The book readers are very expressive and this encourages children to listen and read books them selves. Also ask your child’s school to arrange school reading events and visits to the library.

Connect with your Child

Make a connection with your child about reading. Ask them what they liked in a book. Show them how what they read is applied to daily life. Ask them to tell you the stories they read. When you show an interest your kids will be more likely to read and share stories with you.

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