How Parents Influence the Attitude of Children?

Many of our childhood was not so beautiful to cherish, our parents sacrifice a lot for us and we will not be aware that they are facing many difficulties in upbringing. Although this may not be the case with all of us.

Parents play an important role in their children’s upbringing; this is supported by a real incident mentioned below.

      A young Graduate, who applied for managerial post was waiting to meet the Managing Director of the Company for the final interview after passing the initial screening and interview round. After interviewing for few minutes director observed that his academic records were outstanding and won medals throughout the career for excellence. The Director also noted that guy came from a very poor background. He paused after he read that and asked the graduate whether he received any scholarships while he was studying. Young man answer was no.

     Later Director was curious to know how they manage to get the financial help in spite of coming from such a poor background. The young man replied that his parents paid school & college fees. Director was wondering whether his upbringing would be a negative factor for the post he applied. Next question for the young man was how his parents earned money and send him to school; he replied with pride that he came from a community of laundry workers. His parents went door to door, gathered dirty laundry, washed it and ironed those clothes to return by evening.

     Director then asked him will they provide laundry services through laundry machines or it is labor intensive. He said it was all done by hand. Immediately director asked the young man to show his hands which were very clean, smooth, and well-manicured. This means he never tried to help his parents. Director concluded the interview process by asking him to return home, inspect and clean his parent’s hands, return, and meet him the next morning. This young man thought that he was rejected in interview and returned home disappointingly.

     However, he did as advise. With great difficulty his parents agreed for cleaning their hands. For the first time he slowly started cleaning and noticed their hands were calloused and wrinkled due to years of cleaning clothes. They even had pain in their hands, after cleaning he applied some antiseptic. The young man realized that how much suffered, to give better education in school and college. Later he washed the remaining clothes for his parents and could not sleep well the whole night.

     The every next day, the man visited Director’s office. The Director observed that his eyes filled with tears and he appeared sleepless. He asked him what he had learnt from yesterday’s incident. The man described everything about what had happened and acknowledged that he would not have been here, without for his parent’s hard work and also importance of helping parents, which he should have done a long time ago.

    The Director was impresses with his reply. He wanted a person who will help others but also value the help of others. He wanted someone who knows how people suffer to get things done. Young graduate was hired. From this real incident it is clear that we should not be over-protective parents. Don’t pamper your children through love and over protection. If you are washing clothes or cutting vegetables, let them also experience it. Make it a habit to let them wash their clothes after a meal and clean their own plates. Make them more independent rather than hiring a maid.

    One more important thing to teach your child is how to deal with difficult situations and the ability to work with others in getting things done. This will definitely change their entire attitude as a person to be better and behave better. What we have seen in the above case is a classic example of constrained parenting. From childhood they should know, the fact that “Respect is the basic foundation to love”.

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