Guide to Develop Good Study Habits

Developing sensible study habits in children is very important for his/her future academic success. Right study skills can facilitate children to become better and organized in their work. Understanding a way to study with efficiency brings up positive attitudes, feeling of competency helps children to perform better at school.

As a parent we will do several things to assist our child to become an efficient student. It is better to start indoctrination towards right study habits for a child at early age of pre-school. Learning pattern differs from child to child, however find how your kids learn best and identify an everyday study system that most closely fits their learning style.

Here are Some Tips to Parents to Inculcate Right Study Habits:

1. First step is supporting child is to develop a decent study routine.

A long time study schedule is critical for children from the younger school age. As routines continuously turn out to be sensible habits, facilitate your child to stay on an explicit study routine and notice that your child can mechanically develop an everyday study time.

Some children prefer to study once they reach home after school time or some prefer to study later in the evening or after dinner. By considering different activities such as play time, family activities and favorite TV shows, you will be able to decide a decent study time for your child.

2. Decide quiet study area which is far from distractions such as TV, video games.

Some children opt to study in their own space. Create a study space by providing a writing table and sufficient lighting. Younger children prefer to study with folks close. Make sure you are with kids while they are studying, observe & assist them in their study so that they can improve study skills.

3. Spend time and sit down together and facilitate him/her to bring new learning ideas.

Help your child to disorder List for studies. Sort the list of school assignment, faculty assignments and other materials in a priority order to complete.

Once assignments are completed, we need to allow them to have some fun such fidgeting with friends, eating favorite snack, watching TV shows or enjoying a video or on-line game etc. Continuously be an honest beholder to your child and maintain a useful angle towards them. We can also jointly encourage children to participate in cluster studies.


Developing sensible study skills in children is quite simple task. Our perspective and responses will help our child to grasp several things and understand the importance of learning. Different values of life, the way we act with others, the plan of life and dreams everything depends on us and the way we grow our children. Try and become a vigorous participant and facilitate your kid’s efficient learning environment and encourage them with positive comments.

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