Enrich Kids Using Math Activities

One of the challenging subjects for kids is mathematics. They must know the basic calculations such as addition and subtraction before they can go on to any other arithmetic operations. Learning all these could be boring and frustrating. Doing math activities, make them have fun in dealing and solving problems. They feel these activities as games, not like exercises. There are many activities for the kids based on their age group.

6 Activities to Make Children Love Mathematics:

1. Play Math Games and Puzzles

Most of us assume that math is all about numbers. Math games mean not just flashcards of 5+4 or picture of 6 roses in a row to count. Math is also about logic’s, spaces & amounts. Let them make sense of those concepts using math games.

2. Aim for Logical Approach Not for Perfection

When you go through your kids’ school notebooks generally we have a tendency to focus on wrong answers instead of logic he/she used. If you want them to improve and learn from mistakes, explain the importance of logic.

Instead of saying the answer is correct or wrong, be interested to know more about strategy they used to get the answers. A lot of practice is needed to get the correct answers. Tell them your own strategy so that they can learn easily.

3. Don’t Force them to finish their Tasks within Specified Duration

Math geniuses can calculate complex problems also in their minds easily, but most of us are not used to that practice especially kids. If you want them to master a skill never force to finish in a specified time frame. Problem solving requires logic and peace of mind to concentrate.

Let them take their own time to solve, learning logic is more important than speed.

4. Never Admit your Own Weakness in Maths

Try not to share your past experience of being poor in math during high school. Admitting in front of your kids can make their situation even worse with numbers.

There is nothing called math person and non-math person. Explain them about persons who excelled in math with constant efforts.

5. Let them use Number Sense instead of Memorization.

If you want your child to add 18 and 12, using math memorization ideally they should add 8 + 2 and carry over 1. This memorization does not use logic. While adding 18 and 12 round up to nearest 10’s.

Take 2 from 12 and add it to my 18, it will become 20. Now adding 20 and 10 will be easier to add in mind. Play this game with kids using drawings or props. Do not try to force a strategy on them, let them explore different ways to get the answer logically.

6. Encourage a Growth Mind-set

Some kids generally feel they are innately good at some skills such as playing golf, playing piano, doing math. This mind set can restrain them from trying hard and making mistakes.

Always encourage them to grow with positive mind-set. No one is born as mathematician; it comes with constant practice and dedicated effort.

Ways to Encourage their Mind-Set:

  • Do not over praise them by calling “SMART”
  • Praise the effort they have kept in learning things not the outcome
  • If they feel it is hard, tell them that their brain is making an effort to understand whatever they are learning.


No child is destined to hate or love math. Focus on things like strategy and logic instead of speed and memorization. Play more math games and puzzles to communicate that math is just not about numbers. Encourage their mind-set to be positive towards learning a subject not only math.

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