Encourage Kids to Love Writing


When it comes to writing, the most important thing to remember is that it should be fun! Shouldn’t follow to all studying purpose? From time to time, in Face book most of parents will ask about the way to get their children to enjoy “writing practice.” The first thing is that to make the “writing process” fun! Put away the workbooks until the time comes when the child is interested in them, and keeping writing activities into their daily play.

Actually writing is a difficult skill to learn and grasp. By getting a head start with few simple activities, you can help your children start to increase their writing abilities at an early age so that you will be contributing to their future success as a scholar.

As a parent, encouraging your child to expand writing skills at a younger age, and to become as a better writer, may have a lifelong advantageous impact on their writing, and may make writing a simpler and effective process for them.

Suggestions that will help children to become a stronger writer:

Keep Writing Phrases

Along with your children you need to write down 5 fun phrases in the list. Exchange lists and write poems (each of you) containing the listed phrases. If you want this as too easy task then make a long list of phrases.

Be Encouraging

Have your child begin a story with this sentence: “I remember the first time I ___________. I become…” Once they are chosen the subject, have them write 20 sentences without stopping for 3 minutes. Tell them
they cannot write or edit till times up. If they can’t reach that limit within that time, encourage them to begin writing with the same beginning sentence.

Stir up their Imaginations

If children complains that they haven’t anything interesting to put in writing about, ask them to assume that they should step into the shoes of a favorite’s characters or celebrities. Then have them to write a list of factors starting with “I might . . .” that details the things they could do, what it might be like, and the way it’d be distinct than their lifestyles now. “For example, if they choose the character as a Superman, they may write like “I might fly to school faster than the bus and never be late”.

Read First, and then Write

As Stephen King writes in his e-book, On Writing, “If you don’t have time to study, you don’t have the time (or the gear) to put in writing”. The entire first-rate authors of our time were also voracious readers. In order to write nicely, children must be a great reader and read everything from blogs and newspapers to poetry and splendid works of literature.

Passing Game

In this writing re-creation, everybody writes a sentence within the story, after passes the story to the next person to retain. Sounds smooth — but there is a trick! Before passing the story, every author folds the paper so that only the sentence they simply wrote is visible to another writer, who knows about the last sentence that people continue that story and not any of the previous ones. Decide on how many rounds the paper will make, then read aloud the hilarious results.

Practice Free Writing.

This is certainly one of my preferred techniques for getting started with a writing project. Free writing has similarities to the warm-up children may do earlier than exercising. There is not any “correct” way to free write, so try a variation of these steps: Begin with a clean computer screen or a pad of paper. Set a time for your child. Give five or ten minutes. (Longer instances may not be that productive considering that unfastened writing is a “warm-up” for more centered writing). Give some topic on the blank page and say to your child write down matters that are related to the topic. If your child fears about the order of ideas or grammatical mistake then you must encourage them. When time is up, look over what they have written and put your thoughts and terms that can be used for creating the good essay.

As parents read and write greater along with children, they will be constructing an essential basis, and taking steps in an effort to help their children to turn out to be a better reader, writer, and pupil. Parents efforts will help their children to become a great writer.


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