Choosing a Primary school

Choosing a primary school is a personal decision, think about choosing a primary school the same way you would think about finding a new job or a new pediatrician for your child. Friends and neighbors can be a good source of information, but it is important to do your own research too. The key to choose the right primary school is going through some process, you need to prepare with a solid idea of what you want your child to gain from his or her primary school experience.

The following considerations can help you get a head start on finding the right primary school.

How teachers interact with a student?

Primary school teachers play a major role in the student life. The teacher-student ratio must be in the Primary classrooms is 1:12, which gives teachers the opportunity for individualized attention and self-paced learning. They will help the student to reading and writing, creative arts, science and social studies. Besides formal training, a good primary school teacher displays a passion for working with young students. He or she forms the close relationships with students and families. They shares their love and interest about books and learning, manage students and classroom in a caring way.

How does children spend their time?

In good primary school, teachers focus on all areas of learning. Each area of the classroom has a specific concept or goals for children to learn and to achieve, such as censorial area, particle life, art, geography, science, language, math and etc. Students interact with many things, including specific subject, paints, and other art materials, games and more. The student works either independently, with a teacher or a friend, or in a small group. Following by academic time, children have lunch as a classroom community and all sit down to eat their packed lunches together.

How does the classroom look?

A good primary school classroom includes a dramatic play area, a science area, a block area, a library, and an arts area. The classroom should encourage the students, spark their imaginations and make students curious about learning. It is said that books are a person best friend yet too many students are afraid of reading, so the library should be designed and created in a very attractive way to give every student a more friendly and approachable feel. It has become the place where student would like to go and spend time reading books on various topics and thus, encourage their learning and reading skills. The classroom walls should display student’s art work and writing which is creative and interesting. In the science area, many tools must be available such as magnifying glasses and tweezers. We also tried to have some sort of objects that could be touched.

You should schedule a visit and spend some time observing the teacher and the classroom. Primary school is an investment in your child’s future, so take the time to find just the right one.

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