Awareness on “Debate”

What does debate mean?

Whenever we say the word “debate” only one thing comes to mind, is two people arguing and fighting on a topic. However, if you open a dictionary at home or google its meaning online, this is what we will find:

  1. An argument, as of a public question in an assembly.
  2. A debate about (a subject), especially in a formal manner.
  3. To engage in an argument or formal discussion.

Now the point is whenever you will search on google or dictionary we will get different types of a result and it might be confusing to understand what exactly it is? So, this article will help us to get complete picture about a debate.

Parents always want their kids to perform in front of the audience or large group to encourage them to explore their skills. Let’s say there is a debate competition in your kid’s school and they need your help to find some information about debate topics. Before choosing the topics it is important for them to learn what debating involves and how they can go about it.

A debate is a discussion about a particular topic that happens between two people, two different groups or different viewpoints. One person or group speaks for the topic and the other person or group speaks against the topic. From those discussions, the final result depends on the basis of how well the person or team presented their argument.

Do you want your child to do brain storming activities? Debating is a great way to do it. Debating always develops confidence in kids and it enables them to be a good communicator. If you talk about any public speaking activities like debate, speech, critical thinking, conducting research and Jam (Just a minute) will enhance child’s performance.

Here are some of the interesting lists of debate topics which are helpful debate competition:

  • Homework should be banned
  • School uniforms are good or bad
  • Homework is good for students
  • Bottled water is harmful
  • Mobile phones in school should be banned
  • Vegetarian food is better than non-vegetarian food
  • Aliens are not real
  • Junk food eating is not good
  • Life exists after death
  • Video games are not good for children
  • Social media and students
  • Grading system should be abolished in schools
  • Smoking should be banned
  • All people should be vegetarians
  • Children under 14 should not be allowed on Facebook
  • Video games are too violent
  • Students should not be required to show their work in math
  • Teachers should be replaced by computers

Use this list of debate topics for practicing purpose and help them to become a good competitor. Before choosing a debate topic, maturity and understanding level of your kid are the important things to consider and it should be interesting to the audience also.

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