Amazing Fun Animal Facts for Kids

Around the world there are so many species of animals. From biggest mammal whale to the smallest insect, every animal is unique and has special characters and facts that we are unaware about.

Here are some of the most amazing and interesting facts about animals we never knew about. Share your new knowledge with your friends and surprise them.

  1. Life-span of houseflies is 14 days which is extremely short. They hum in the ‘F’ key, always when they are alive.
  2. Only mammals on the earth, that possess the ability to fly are bats.
  3.  Ostriches run faster than horses, they happen to be one of the fastest running animals and male ostriches roar like lions.
  4. Kangaroos hop to move from one place to the other using their tail.
  5. Stripes on a tiger’s body are printed on their skin instead of their fur that’s the reason why no tigers have similar pattern of stripes on their body.
  6. Like human beings gorillas are prone to catch cold and other illnesses.
  7. The only dog in the world that does not have a pink tongue like the other dogs is Chow.
  8. Gall bladders are not present in the body of deer.
  9. Cats have very good hearing sense as they have 32 muscles in each ear.
  10. Cows have four stomachs inside their body. A single cow can produce harmful methane gas to fill approximately 40 liters of bottles in one day.
  11. Apart from human beings only mammals that undergo menopause are elephants and humpback.
  12. There are many types of zebra’s; each type is distinguished with the stripe pattern on their body.
  13. Water creatures like crocodiles, whales, alligators, dolphins, turtles and water snakes have a tendency to drown if they are kept underwater for a very long time.
  14. Camels are use humps to store fat in extreme situations that fat is turned into food and water.
  15. Cows can sleep by standing also, but they can only dream when they lie down.
  16. A scorpion will go crazy and sting itself to death even if it is injected with even a small drop of alcohol.
  17. Female rabbits are known as does and male rabbits are known as bucks.

On this planet there are so many animals with even more amazing facts, please feel free to mention it in the below comments section of our goldcrest school blog.

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