A Quality Early Childhood Program


In early childhood from one to eight years, growth and development of children has some notable changes. So the childhood learning should have developmentally appropriate curriculum. A high quality early childhood education program required to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their physical, emotional and social development.

Elements required for Building a Standard Quality early Childhood Program:

Program has to maintain few standards to focus on advanced child development and early learning. Given below are some of standards for early childhood program:

  • A classroom will create a positive impact on childhood development. Highly skilled teachers, child-to-teacher ratios for each class, appropriate curriculum and teacher-child interactions make a quality education program to promote a healthy classroom environment.
  • A quality of program depends on the learning environment initiated by a teacher. They create environments which have responsive language to communicate, engaging children in all activities and redirecting them to a challenging behavior. These interactions with teachers promote a positive attitude about school and crucial approach to learning.
  • Children need a learning environment where they can play, explore and learn safely. Most of the time in childhood they spend with playing toys, playing with kitchen items and solving puzzles. Parents or teachers let children to play in out-door to engage with natural world. Outdoor games play a key role in children’s health and stronger immune system.
  • Program need to be supported by leadership which provides administrative & operational support to teachers and business management to review the overall program.

Suggestions to Enhance the Quality of the Elements:

  • Every teacher should be trained to work with various age groups of early childhood education. Teachers need to have a fundamental knowledge on child care & development.
  • Program administrators should be well educated and experienced. They support teachers by suggesting teaching strategies and appropriate lesson planning.
  • Administrators  should try to execute business policies of program within planned financial budget.
  • To give relevant learning experience to children, the classroom activities should be according to their age. Program administrators should suggest a quality curriculum for children of all age groups.
  • Teacher and parent communication is a key role in this program. It encourages parental involvement and home influences, which affects children classroom behavior and learning style.

If parents, teachers and program administers coordinate & contribute to the childhood programs then only over all personality development of a child takes place.

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