8 Common Parenting Mistakes


Did you make any mistake as a parent? Think once. It does not matter how big or small the mistake is. As a parent you need to feel guilty about your mistake, perhaps parents after losing control they feel worried about their children. Children need encouragement and support along with the healthy mix of independence.

Parenting is one of the most challenging, yet meaningful life tasks. Some parents use disciplinarian parenting strategies that do not allow the child to be independent and other parents use overcompensate strategies which does not teach about child limit and self-control.

Here are some common eight mistakes repeated by every parent; if you try to avoid these mistakes you will help your child grow as a successful leader:

Mistake #8: Losing your Temper. Sometimes the behavior of your children may make you crazy; at that time you might be losing your temper and raising your voice, anger, violence on your children. Instead of that when you feel anger take a few seconds or minutes of times-out and re-organize.

Mistake #7: Inconsistent with Discipline. Many parents follow discipline strategy in an inconsistent manner, that means if one time your child uses a swear word you just laugh, and the next time you shout about the same word. The child will become confused and not know what is correct. Being consistent with your child is the best way to teach them what is acceptable and non-acceptable behavior is.

Mistake #6: Showing Empathy. When tough situation come up, take time to empathize with your child before you react. When they are crying and upset that does not mean they are trying to make your life harder. They are really in the tough situation and they don’t have that much of skill to deal with the situation. As a parent, take time to empathize them and use verbal communication instead of reacting physically.

Mistake #5: Lack of Parental Guidance: Every time if parent gives a lot of order and instruction, it will only give negative energy to their children. Parents spend too much time in ordering things instead of that they need to give little time for encouraging, building a bond and empathizing.Instead of order and instruction give proper guidance it will give positive energy to the child.

Mistake #4: Spending too Little Quality Time. Parents spend too much time with their friends, watching television and doing office at home. Instead of this spend some quality time with children. There are too many things around us utilize them to spend quality time with them just like the bike ride, going for a walk, playing in a park and teaching your children the wonder of the world around them.

Mistake #3: Physical Punishment. Physical punishment can harm the relationship between child and parents. Children may become fearful of their parent and less likely to talk about their problem and feelings. Again, take a time-out if you are too angry and think once before implementing any physical punishment because sometimes these things directly affect the child emotional and mental development.

Mistake #2: Over-Functioning. Some parents do school homework for their children. When child ask to do school assignment/homework explain them that it is their duty to complete the work clearly once, twice, thrice and finally they simply do it themselves. A school project might be difficult for your child to do, immediately you feel pity and eventually you help them. Before helping guide them first no matter how much difficult it is. In such situations only they learn challenging tasks.

Mistake #1: Comparing with Others. A comparison is a common approach to improve the performance of your child, but sometimes it as a negative effect on the child’s brain. Comparing your child to the other children is actually making your child & yourself stressful. Every child has a unique talent and strengths you can identify your child interest and help them in a proper way.

Conclusion: As a parent, it is your responsibility to be aware of all these common mistakes; there is no such thing called perfect parent and child. Parenting is about supporting & promoting your kid and not committing above mentioned mistakes.


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