­How to Motivate your Child to Learn ?

Encouraging children to learn new languages and subjects is not an easy task. It requires lot of effects, below are few tips to help your child in learn.

  • Every parent wants their children to achieve something extremely good and they will not limit their children’s learning under the roof of classroom. Although skills they are learning in the class room are crucial to their creative and social growth. Children need parents help to open up the world of ideas. Their revived joy in exploration will transfer to their school work, so parents will breakthrough their academic achievements too.
  • Encourage them to express their opinions, talk about their feelings, and make choices. Let them to pick out a side dish to go with dinner and select their own extra curricular activities like educational paintings, outdoor games,etc. Involving children in family decisions will show them how parents value them.
  • Build the atmosphere of reading, every family member should try to read their own book in reading time. Let them know how parents give importance to reading by filling their home with novels, books, newspapers, posters and place-mats with words and numbers on them.
  • Load them with different play opportunities that support different kinds of learning styles through listening and visual learning to sorting and sequencing. These materials will help to encourage open-ended play, such as blocks and similar stuff will build children’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills. They will need lot of play time with out parents guidance to explore themselves.
  • Show keenness on children’s interests and encourage them to explore subjects which enhance them. If he/she has interest in sports, offer them inspirational quotes from their favorite player and challenge them to find facts about players.

  • Ask them about what they are learning in school rather than grades or test scores. Let them explain, what they learned in school today; by summarizing the lesson in their own words will help them to memorize what they learned.
  • Celebrating their accomplishment, no matter how small they are. Completing a book report calls for a special treat; finishing a book then allow your children an hour of video games. Parents spreading positive vibes which will inspire them to keep learning and challenging themselves.
  • Help children to organize their school papers and assignments so they feel in control of their work. If their task seems too discouraging, they will spend more time on worrying so they would not concentrate on learning. Interacting with them regularly to make sure they won’t get into any pressure situations.
  • Enhancement of their strengths will encourage them to buildup their talents. Even if they not good at one subject, they may have good knowledge in other subject. In addition to a practice workbook, give them a writing journal.
  • Encourage them to explore the world around them by regular interactions, asking questions and relate them with real life scenarios.

When you want children to learn some thing new use activities and real life situations to start with, doing this will make them excited and learn quickly.

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